Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

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    otorhinolaryngology surgery in dallas

    An Otolaryngologist is a physician having board certification along with an Allopathic medicine (M.D) or Osteopathy (D.O.) degree after completion of a medical residency program (five years). They participate in the department of medicine called Otorhinolaryngology, generally known as Otolaryngology.

    Otolaryngologists/otorhinolaryngologists also have the title of ENTs, manifesting the ear, nose, and throat. Such highly-trained Surgeon in Dallas target the treatment and diagnosis of disorders that impact the ear, sinus, nose, neck, throat, and head. An easy way to observe the impact of such a medical specialty department involves the fact that Otolaryngologists manage all medical disorders in the area above the shoulders and back except the brain and eyes.

    Some prominent medical issues that an Otorhinolaryngology doctor in Dallas helps in diagnosis and treatment include:

    • Ear disorders including:  Infections, Earwax, Hearing loss, Ear cancer, Ear ringing (tinnitus), and Balance issues.
    • Nose issues include: Allergies, Sinusitis, Nasal septum deviation, Obstructive sleep apnea, Nasal cancer, nasal polyps, Sinus Polyps, taste and smell issues.
    • Throat issues include: Tonsil and adenoid infections, Vocal cord dysfunction, Throat cancer, and GERD related to Acid reflux.
    • Head and face disorders including: Cranial nerve issues, Migraines, Tumors, Cranial nerve problems, Facial reconstructive surgery, and associated trauma.

    Life as an ENT Surgeon 

    You’ll treat individuals belonging to all ages with a broad range of diseases. So, being an ENT surgeon mostly becomes an interesting and rewarding experience. You’ll contact the majority of children as compared to other surgeons except the pediatrics. 

    You’ll manage conditions that impact the senses like hearing and balance problems or taste and smell issues. Also, You’ll handle patients with issues that impact their voice, swallowing, and breathing along with neck and head tumors.  

    ENT manages the widest variety of operations related to any specialty. You could manage and treat ear disorders like hearing loss, ear infections, childhood ‘glue ear’ (that involves the middle ear blockage with fluid), perforated ear drums, dizziness, or ear infections.

    You’ll also treat nose disorders such as nasal injuries, sinus infections, throat disorders, tumors and issues of the feelings of smell, tonsillitis, breathing issues, cancers of the throat and mouth.

    You’ll be engaged in facial cosmetic procedures, for instance, facial reconstruction, ears and nose surgeries, following cancer or trauma. For this purpose, you will work closely with a variety of other experts including plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, and maxillofacial surgeons.

    You will invest a higher ratio of your duration in outpatient clinics’ everyday cases and a lesser proportion of time in an Otorhinolaryngology surgery doctor in Dallas related to other surgeons.  

    You will utilize the latest technology such as robots and lasers in order to treat patients, mostly recommending the minimally invasive surgeries that have a faster recovery duration. Modern technologies in care are defined in the sense that you deliver life-modifying treatment, for instance helping a visibly deaf person to regain a sense of hearing and voice firstly after a surgery of cochlear implant.

    Otolaryngology Specialties

    Some otolaryngologists complete 1 or 2 years of training under a subspecialty: The basic types of doctors found at Otorhinolaryngology clinic in Dallas are as follows:


    The related doctors provide treatment for environmental allergies (such as pollen or pet hair) with medicine or a combination of shots known as immunology. They also facilitate you to identify if you are going through any food allergies.

    Facial and Reconstructive Surgery

    Such doctors perform cosmetic surgeries including nose jobs and face lifts. Moreover, they help individuals whose physical appearance has been changed as a result of an accident or who have issues by birth that require to be treated.

    Head and Neck

    In situations where you have a tumor in the nose, mouth, sinuses, throat, upper esophagus, or voice box, this type of specialist can facilitate you.


    Such doctors manage diseases and concussions that impact your voice box along with vocal cords. These doctors also diagnose and treat swallowing issues.

    Otology and Neurotology

    If there are any types of issues with your ears, the experts can support them. They provide treatment for conditions including infections, dizziness, hearing loss, and buzzing or ringing in your ears.

    Pediatric ENT

    Your kids might not be capable of discussing with their doctor what the actual issue is. Pediatric ENTs are particularly trained to manage children, because they have tools and evaluation rooms according to kids at ease. Common issues include tonsillitis, ear infections, allergies, and asthma. Pediatric ENTs provide services for children having birth disorders of the neck and head. They offer help to find out if your kid has a language issue or speech disorder.


     Such doctors target your sinuses and nose. They manage sinusitis, loss of smell, nose bleeds, unusual growths and stuffy nose.

    Sleep Medicine

     Our specialist surgery doctors in Dallas treat sleep issues involving breathing, for example, sleep apnea and snoring. Your doctor also suggests a sleep study to identify trouble breathing during durations like the night.

    Audiologist vs Otolaryngologist

    An audiologist is an expert who facilitates the patients having fits related to hearing aids associated with listening apparatus. Audiologists generally have Master’s or doctorate degrees related to audiology medical certifications similar to an otolaryngologist.