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About Our Practice

AdvancedCare Surgery Center provides exceptional surgical care with a priority on patient safety, comfort, and well-being. AdvancedCare brings together a team of dedicated surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and support staff to provide advanced medical treatments in a caring and individualized environment. We provide high-quality treatment tailored to each patient’s needs for both routine and complex surgeries. At AdvancedCare Surgery Center, we believe that excellent care should be available.

Our pre-surgical consultations and care reflect our patient-centric approach. Our dedication to continuous progress and medical advancement enables us to provide our patients with the most advanced therapies and compassionate care, ensuring a speedy recovery and optimal results. Trust AdvancedCare Surgery Center to be your health partner, with every detail geared to improve your surgery and wellness.

Patients often seek out the expertise of the specialists at AdvancedCare Surgery Center for Anesthesiology, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Pain Management, Podiatric Surgery, Spine Surgery, and Joint Replacement Surgery.

To learn more about the specialized offerings available at AdvancedCare Surgery Center, call the location nearest you today or request an appointment online. 

Our Vision

Our goal at AdvancedCare Surgery Center is to lead the healthcare sector in surgical excellence. We predict a future where every patient has access to advanced treatments in an efficient, safe, and compassionate establishment. We combine innovative surgical procedures with tailored care plans to give every patient the best results and make their surgery as stress-free as possible.

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Our Mission

Our goal at AdvancedCare Surgery Center is to deliver exceptional surgical care that promotes patient safety, comfort, and recovery. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare professionals provides high-quality, compassionate care. We want to provide a helpful and reassuring environment in which patients feel valued and understood. 

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Meet our experienced and dedicated team of professionals pain physicians in Dallas, ready to serve you with
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Rao K. Ali MD

Board Certified Interventional Pain Management
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Muhammad Zulqarnain MD

Board Certified Interventional Pain Management
William-Moore-MD Surgeon in dallas

William Moore MD

Board Certified Interventional Pain Management

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